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Why Your Dry Skin Needs Hemp Jelly

We all get dry skin from time to time, but in winter especially, dry skin can become painful, cracked and peeling.  It doesn’t feel great, it doesn’t look great, and it can be surprisingly difficult to treat.

Traditionally you would treat extremely dry and cracked skin with a cracked skin balm, an oil-based moisturiser or even lanolin or Sorbolene.  Many commercial creams for extremely dry, cracked skin are full of chemical ingredients, including parabens. 

Parabens are a chemical many people are looking to avoid these days, for good reason.  Scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer.


This is where Cannabella Hemp Jelly, comes in.  Rich and soothing – yet light – our Hemp Jelly is free from petrochemicals and infused with Shea Butter and Beeswax, two aromatic ingredients which help skin draw in and retain moisture.

Cannabella Hemp Jelly is full of natural ingredients including fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin A and of course, our hero ingredient, pure Hemp Seed Oil.  This ‘green dream’ oil is high in Chlorophyll which means it also helps to inhibit bacteria growth on the skin.

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what one of our customers had to say about it.

Cannabella customer Leah was struggling with super dry and cracked skin on her hands and arm.  She had major surgery on her arm and had to have it in a splint for seven weeks. During that time, the skin on her hands and arm become severely dry, cracked and painful.

After nearly two months of not being able to move her arm, shower, swim or drive, Leah was shocked when she saw how badly her skin had deteriorated when they took the dressings off at the hospital.

“I looked like a crocodile! My skin was mega dry and I had quite deep cracks around the joints of my fingers and all over my palm. It was painful but it was also very ugly.”

Leah started researching treatments but found that many of the moisturisers had ingredients with names she couldn’t even pronounce.

“I didn’t want to use synthetic chemicals on my skin or anything with fragrance in it because I have quite sensitive skin. I didn’t want more problems on top of what was already going on.”

Things like rosehip oil, almond oil and even cocoa butter are also popular treatments for healing extremely dry skin but the problem is that they leave your skin feeling greasy.

“I tried using a ‘butter’ type of product but – this is going to sound crazy – it was too rich for my skin. It just left a shiny layer of grease on my skin and it also had a really strong natural smell.”

Leah heard of organic hemp moisturiser and after some Googling, discovered Cannabella and our Hemp Jelly product online.  As per our recommendation, she began using the Jelly three times a day and by following this regime, was able to heal her dry, cracked skin within a week.  She found that the light formulation made it comfortable to have on her skin.

“Even though my arm is completely healed, I am now completely hooked on this stuff. I use it on my face because it’s such a light, easily absorbed, soothing product”.

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