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Three Realistic New Year’s Resolutions to Make this Year

New Year’s resolutions have gotten a bad rap in recent years. With many of us feeling protective of our mental wellness at a time when the pandemic has generated extra stress, it seems counterproductive to add more demands and restrictions to our plates, right?

Of course, there’s no question that setting goals and holding yourself accountable can drive personal success. The trick is in setting goals which follow the SMART model – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely – and in being kind to yourself if you fall short. Knowing your own capacity for change and how much free time you have will also help you make resolutions which lift you up rather than drag you down.

Here are our suggestions for three realistic resolutions you can make this year to grow and give back while staying calm and connected.

Buy Less, Buy Better

This is a resolution your Nan will love, and it won’t cost you a cent. In fact, the opposite – it’s all about consuming LESS, by thinking MORE.

Our consumer culture demands we constantly replace the things we own – electronics, clothes, furniture and even consumable products like skincare – at a ridiculous rate. This places an unsustainable burden on our planet; in discarded clothing alone, the average Australian contributes 23kg to landfill each year. It also means we fall into the trap of using shopping to fix our problems and our mood, leaving us broke, dissatisfied and with homes bursting at the seams.

This year, we’ll be challenging ourselves to shop less and to shop more wisely. Instead of replacing items, we’ll be trying first to use what we have. Failing that, we’ll look to mend them (especially clothing and appliances) and if we do need to replace them, we’ll be buying high quality, durable options which will stick around for a long time.

A similar principle applies for products like skincare. The trick is to shop for products which are highly concentrated and powerful, so they last a long time and are lighter to ship. Our range of serums is perfect for this – weighing in at just 15g (small) and 35g (large), and requiring only a few drops per day to achieve results, they’re a great example of slow beauty with a small footprint.

Practice Gratitude Often

A daily gratitude journal is a brilliant way to remind yourself of the positive aspects in your life. It’s the 21st century version of ‘counting your blessings’, it costs only as much as a cheap notebook and pen (or zero if you keep your journal in your phone notes!) and requires just 15 minutes of your precious time each time. So far, good right?

The problem is, any practice which insists on a daily ‘must-do’ is a recipe for disaster if you’re a bit of a perfectionist. That’s why we prefer to aim for more flexible goals when it comes to our gratitude practice…

This year, we suggest resolving to practice gratitude ‘often’ – rather than daily – and aiming for around three or four days per week as a guide. For days when you run out of time to write it down, instead mentally run through what you’re thankful for as you brush your teeth. If you forget all together, begin anew the next day – no regrets and NO mental punishments!

Over time, this kind of gratitude practice builds a bedrock of contentment and optimism, whether you adhere to it rigidly or fluidly. So forget being perfect, and aim for good enough when it comes to your gratitude practice, for maximum benefit.

Find Moments to be Mindful

It can be so hard to find time to do all the things we know we should do. Exercise, eat well, drink loads of water, sleep well, nurture our relationships, give back… oh and achieve big things in your education or career too, of course! No wonder we often run out of time for self care, leaving us burnt out and anxious.

Make 2022 the year you learn to live in the moment by weaving mindfulness practice into each and every day, without the need to carve out huge chunks of time.

Our favourite way is to make the few minutes you spend each day applying your Canabella skincare as an opportunity to be mindful. Close the bathroom door and clear your mind. Think through each step in your routine and dismiss unrelated thoughts as they appear. Notice everything around you; inhale the scents of the products deeply, notice the feeling of your fingertips on your face and the sound of the running water.

Finding ways to be mindful in your everyday life, whether it’s while washing dishes or walking to the train station, is the key to inserting a peaceful ‘pause’ into the daily chaos and building better resilience to deal with tough times.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2022!

Three Realistic New Year's Resolutions to Make this Year, Three Realistic New Year’s Resolutions to Make this Year, Cannabella

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