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Picture this: one plant with a thousand different uses. From purifying the air to regenerating the soil, constructing buildings, and nourishing your body and skin…hemp is an all-in-one miracle plant.

It’s medicinal and therapeutic properties have long been known, however it’s only recently that hemp has been re-discovered as a plant with astounding environmental benefits. Hemp has been farmed by humans since 8000 BCE as previous generations loved the plant for its renewability and variety of uses. Today, hemp stands out because of its numerous environmental benefits and capabilities. In light of the current global environmental crisis, hemp leads the way as a multi-faceted plant with a wide variety of uses.

Hemp is one of the most promising natural resources with amazing environmental benefits – there is no better time to switch to hemp and ensure a sustainable future.

One Plant, Many Uses

The highly nutritious plant is rich in a variety of minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins — and can be used for everything from rope, paper, and textiles, to food, clothing, plastics, biofuel, construction materials, skincare, and more. The seeds and fibres can be used to make concrete, plastic, rope, fuel and food while its natural compounds can be used for skincare, supplements, and more.

Environmental Regeneration

Known as a hardy and renewable crop, hemp has the miraculous ability to clean the atmosphere and possibly reverse the damage of C02 from global warming. Global warming comes from the abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which hemp is able to reduce. The hemp plant consumes 4x as much C02 as trees do. It has a short growing cycle of only 4 months such that we are able to grow, harvest, and rotate crops at a much higher rate than tree’s. More hemp growing = more carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. It’s cultivation does not need any particular climate or soil and therefore can be grown all over the world. It can be utilised worldwide by communities as an alternative, more efficient energy source that can reverse and slow down climate change.

, The Environmental Benefits Of Hemp, Cannabella

Soil Regeneration

Unlike most crops, hemp actually leaves the soil in better condition than when it was planted. Improper farming practices tend to strip the land of its nutrients however hemp is able to restore nutrients to the ground, leaving the soil enriched for the next crop. Hemp grows densely and vigorously and is able to clean up the environment by absorbing heavy metals in the soil and removing radioactive chemicals and toxins.. The plant also grows free of weeds and the same soil can be used to grow the plant for years without losing its high soil quality.

Water Conservation

Hemp needs very little water to grow and allows for water conservation rather than immense consumption. For example, a crop like cotton needs considerable water to grow to its fullest potential while hemp needs very little – making it an ultra sustainable crop. Hemp is also capable of flourishing in many different climates and soil types, making it a globally viable crop.

Pesticide Reduction

Hemp is miraculously, naturally resistant to pests so it doesn’t require herbicides or pesticides. Herbicides and pesticides are extremely harmful to the natural environment and contaminate the soil, water, and air – reducing biodiversity and resulting illnesses. The largest industrial crops such as cotton and soybeans require the use of intensive pesticides which have a drastic environmental impact. Replacing these crops with hemp would eliminate pesticide usage. Hemp can also grow in different seasons and even on unproductive land.

Sustainable Skincare

Hemp reigns as an environmentally friendly choice in skincare and cosmetics. The possibilities are endless when using the hemp plant. Hemp products are full of nutrients and can be recycled, reused & are 100% biodegradable. Switching to hemp products can slow and potentially reverse the impact of climate change. Choose hemp and support a more sustainable future while also giving your body and skin the nutrients it deserves.

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