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CBD for Cancer Patients

Cancer and cannabis are the subject of many studies around the world. People are also sharing stories of cannabis helping them with their battle against cancer. When it comes to cannabis and cancer there is still much confusion surrounding the subject. A main point of contention is that people question how smoking cannabis can help with cancer and not realising it really isn’t about smoking it at all.

Cannabis has helped many people who have cancer, and it may help you too. People who utilised cannabinoid therapies as an alternative treatment for their condition that found success usually accomplish this via cannabis oil or topicals. FECO oil or full extraction cannabis oil that is thick, sticky, and a blackish green becomes a part of their daily wellness regimen.

Some people see success in their treatment through conventional medicine but still suffer adverse side effects from these treatments. This is one example of where an oral cannabis oil like CBD oil might be beneficial. CBD is reported by consumers to help with many different symptoms, some of which could be associated with cancer.

Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer is classified as a group of diseases where abnormal cell growth holds the possibility of invading or spreading throughout the body. Cancer cells divide uncontrollably and oftentimes become fatal. This has led cancer to become the second leading cause of death on the planet.

When someone has cancer, they will begin to experience symptoms. There are many different symptoms caused by cancer and some may experience more of these than others. Some of the common signs that could be signs of cancer are as follows:

1.       Blood in Your Stool

2.       Lumps in The Breast or Testicles

3.       Noticeable Change in Urination and/or Bowel Movements

4.       Anemia

5.       Blood in Your Saliva

6.       Persistent Coughs

7.       Sores That Will Not Heal

8.       Changes in Moles or Warts

Weight loss, depression, and loss of appetite are also quite common side effects of cancer and the standard treatments made available. There are prescription medications to help with these issues, but they may not work. Sometimes they even do more harm than good complicating matters with reactions and side effects. When someone gets cancer, chances are they will want to learn about cannabis and CBD as well as how it might help.

How Cannabis May Help the Symptoms of Cancer

One of the worst symptoms of cancer might be the loss of appetite. Without food, the body doesn’t have access to the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Combine that with the damage being done by the rapid and uncontrollable division of cells and the results are devastating.

It’s no secret that cannabis increases the appetite. People also know that it helps to improve moods, sleep, and reduce pain. Science is still catching up with what people have been claiming for decades. However, science today still does not provide definitive proof that cannabis can help prevent or cure cancer. That doesn’t change the millions of stories of those who beat cancer with the help of cannabinoid therapies. 

List of Research 

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